Veritas wouldn't exist without incredible partnerships with family-owned businesses across the globe. Below is a list of people that make it all possible.


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Artisan Collection

Fidencio Spirits.png

Fidencio Spirits

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Louis Dressner


Pelter Beverage Group

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Global Vineyard

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Mack & Schuhle

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Piedmont Guy

Don Ramon Tequila

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Hudson Wine Brokers

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Marc de Grazia

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Jenny & Francois

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José Pastor Selections

Palmateer Wine Group.png

Palmateer Wine Group

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Natural Merchants

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Ripe Wine Imports

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Selection Massale


R&B Wine Imports

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Selections de la Viña

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T. Edward

Terroirs Export.png

Terroirs Export


Wahaka Mezcal

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Zev Rovine Selections


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